affirmations for wealth and abundance

Abundance – Methods to Attract Wealth

Acquiring money, to the extent of having abundant wealth, is a tactic that only a few are able to develop. Why? Because it requires thinking outside the box and taking action even when it hurts. Many people who just work hard and are struggling in their daily routine look up to the financially rich people as if they possess a miracle pill. And that is far from truth. Every human being is God’s highest form of creation. We simply have to develop our inner belief system and get ahead in life.
But how is all this possible? And if it is so easy, then why are most people struggling in life, you may ask. That’s because the easiest things in life are most overlooked and ignored. People have adopted a tough path for their life and they are expecting miracles to happen. It doesn’t work that way. Today we will share with you some affirmations for wealth and abundance. Using them, along with following a couple of subconscious mind secrets, you will be able to find your path in life.

Becoming Deserving

Don’t carry the “I don’t deserve it” attitude in your life. Realize that you have been created as a human being, and NOT an animal or a bird or a mountain. The least what you can do is that you can deserve yourself into having wealth, happiness and abundance. Let go off all self-defeating statements. Those thoughts / statements are responsible for your today’s circumstances. And if you don’t change, 10 years hence your state in life will be the same (or worse) as it is today.

Switch Your Paradigm

In layman terms, paradigms can be defined as your habits. You have a set of beliefs that have been formed in all these years. And you operate as per those beliefs. You do not have to think while taking action. Your paradigms help you take the action on auto-mode.
The challenge is to bring about a paradigm shift. That is, to train yourself in a way such that you let go off the old paradigms and adopt newer and more productive paradigms and transform your life for the better.

Abundance Prayers

It is said that if you pray sincerely and emotionally, and work hard towards your dreams without harming anybody else’s interests, then a divine intervention takes place and miracles happen. However, not everybody can get this to work. In order to be in control of this, you need to let go off ego, scepticism, fears, jealousy, greed and bad intentions. Allow yourself to be pure from within. And then take help of abundance prayer. God will listen.

Use these three techniques initially to help you set a solid foundation. And thereafter, practice the affirmations for abundance. It will immediately connect and you will see the results that you always wanted to.